Wildlife Park Tycoon is a 3-D business simulation game. There are twenty missions (like The Internship) to choose from and freeplay mode to start a zoo from scratch. The game was released in July 26, 2011' and in April 8, 2011 in Europe as Wildlife Park 3. This game is the sequel to Wildlife Park 2'.


The game has over 20 animals and it includes: big cats ,elephants ,seals and many more.

Click here for the Animals Page.

The following are:

  • =====African Elephant=====
  • =====White Elephant=====
  • =====Lion=====
  • =====White Lion=====
  • =====Zebra=====
  • =====Gazelle=====
  • =====Hippo=====
  • =====Giraffe=====
  • =====Rhino=====
  • =====White Rhino=====
  • =====Leopard=====
  • =====Wildebeest=====
  • =====Bengal Tiger=====
  • =====White Bengal Tiger=====
  • =====Gorilla=====
  • =====Chimpanzee=====
  • =====White Chimpanzee=====
  • =====Giant Panda=====
  • =====Puma=====
  • =====Smilodon=====
  • =====Grizzly Bear=====
  • =====Polar Bear=====
  • =====King Penguin=====
  • =====Meerkat=====
  • =====Elasmotherium=====
  • =====Mammoth=====
  • =====Black Mammoth=====
  • =====Sea Lion=====
  • =====American Bison=====
  • =====Snow Leopard=====
  • =====Jaguar=====


The game has 20 missions which include characters and goals to accomplish.

The following are:

  • The Internship
  • The Diploma
  • The Business Venture
  • Your Own Park
  • The Scary Park
  • The Giant Park
  • The Oil Spill
  • Sea Lion Frenzy
  • The Chimpanzee Problem
  • The Circus Animals
  • Breeding the Giant Pandas
  • The World Championship Park
  • The Mysterious Illness
  • The Sheik
  • The Wildlife Sanctuary
  • The King of the Big Cats
  • The Sensational Discovery
  • The Final Test
  • The Island
  • The Amazing Vision

To prevent ruining game experience, mission articles are not available in this wiki.

Freeplay MapsEdit

There are 20 freeplay maps as well, based on different parts of the world. If a game is saved then the map then changes to the saved game. Players can choose to reset the level to start over.Edit
The following are:             Edit
  • Alaska                 
  • Austria                
  • Botswana            
  • Brazil
  • California
  • Canada
  • Lowland China
  • Highland China
  • Congo
  • Dubai
  • Germany
  • France
  • Indonesia
  • Ireland
  • Namibia
  • Nigeria
  • Norway
  • Egypt
  • Tanzania
  • Venezuela

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